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The sickness is the cure


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Some thoughts on Brazil. Sometimes the sickness is also the cure …

Brazil’s crisis may have a silver lining: the rule of law
Latin America’s biggest economy will get worse before it gets better. The arrest of billionaire banker André Esteves suggests room for further nasty surprises from the Petrobras corruption probe. But feisty independent courts and stronger institutions point to a brighter future.


Macri-economics 101

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My follow-up column today:
Argentina’s vote for Macri may show Brazil the way:

(Photo mine from a 2005 trip to Buenos Aires: Plaza de la República.)

My latest column: Muggle time

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My piece from Friday: Argentina faces a choice between magic and realism

Voters look likely to choose uncharismatic, pro-market Mauricio Macri as their next president in Sunday’s runoff election. Latin America’s No. 3 economy needs a dose of orthodox management after years of Kirchnerist magical thinking. But he could become unpopular very fast.