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Peace paradox

Colombia faces a paradox as FARC rebels disarm

Ending five decades of civil war will lift the Andean nation’s economy in the long run, but place additional burdens on tight government finances in the meantime if peace is to prosper. Encouragingly, murders are down and tourism up, but it could all still go wrong.



Brazil will have to live with a zombie government until 2018 elections, writes Martin Langfield.

Never a dull moment

When dealing with Argentina it’s prudent to expect the unexpected: my column today.

Argentina grinds toward economic credibility

Within just a couple of days Latin America’s third-largest economy sold a rare 100-year bond and was then surprisingly snubbed for inclusion in a major stock index by MSCI. Amid all the noise, President Mauricio Macri is slowly asserting the dullness of competence.