About me

I am a writer and journalist by trade, a drummer by vocation, an invisible mender and diplomat by temperament and a close listener by inclination, with a dab of holy fool thrown in to keep things interesting.

I’ve published two genre-bending novels, “The Malice Box” and “The Secret Fire“, which by and large people find either pretty damn awesome or utterly dreadful, with little middle ground. So be it. I get better each time I do one and am hopeful the next, upcoming, will make new friends.

My journalism, as a foreign correspondent for Reuters and in later life as a columnist for Reuters Breakingviews, has focused mainly on Latin America, where I lived for most of the 1990s.

I was born in eastern England in 1962.

As a reporter I worked primarily in El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Nicaragua, Madrid, Miami, London and New York.

At university I majored in French and Spanish languages and literature. I’ve also worked as an English teacher in Paris and studied indigenous literature in Mexico. I live in New York.

Opinions are my own.


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